The 8BitEARN dApp built by Expelee

Introducing our custom dApp for 8BitEARN, offering a suite of features including Staking, DAO, and Credit facilities. We meticulously designed and developed this advanced dApp, prioritizing security and user-friendly functionality.

Experience seamless transactions, enhanced governance, and convenient credit options through our meticulously crafted dApp for 8BitEARN. Our expert team implemented cutting-edge security measures and intuitive features to provide an exceptional user experience.

Unlock the full potential of 8BitEARN with our bespoke dApp solution. Seamlessly stake your assets, participate in decentralized governance, and access credit facilities, all within a secure and user-friendly environment. Benefit from our expertise in creating tailored blockchain solutions.

Project Highlights

This staking platform can be used to stake and earn more 8Bit tokens.
Credit Facility
This is designed to give BUSD as a credit to people
Token Distribution
Designed to claim the tokens vested or rewards
DAO Governance
Proposals can be created and people can vote to pass the proposal
Rewards Simulator
Helps in distribution of rewards to the people